Chia Chia Bread & Toast

Chia Chia Toast Bread

2 Tbl sugar (or a substitute like xylitol)
1 Cup water (warm)
1 pkg bread yeast (add to water.
1/4 olive oil
3 C almond flour
1/4 C chia seeds (optional)

1. Mix the ingredients
2. Toss the dough in the breadmaker.
3. Set the breadmaker for quick breads: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Wait patiently.

The aroma while baking is wonderful. Almonds do not have gluten so the dough is not going to rise like dough with wheat flour.  Almond flour is moister than wheat flour despite most of the oils being removed during processing.  Leave the loaf in the warm breadmaker after the cycle ends.  The bread will still be moist even if it is removed an hour or more later.

It can be made without the chia seeds … and be very good … but chia seeds add some texture, crunch, and nutrition.  I don’t know about Chia Pets, but chia seeds are a good source of protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and manganese. It has  a glycemic index rating of “1″ which is particularly important to diabetics.  Chia seeds holds water and therefore some athletes eat them as part of their hydration regime; another plus because hydration is very important for diabetics.

What better time of the year than the holidays to add some extra, easy, healthy, great tasting carbs?

This bread might be at its best  toasted – yummy toasted with peanut butter too!

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